Introducing LocalPromo

Introducing LocalPromo

LocalPromo was founded from Peter Carpenter's desire to support small businesses within Canada and at the same time give meaningful gifts to his valued customers and employees.

Peter owns a file folder company and a label manufacturing company and was looking for a genuine gift to thank his customers for their business. He had had enough of the traditional swag.  Pens, flashlights, hats; these mass-market trinkets didn’t express the thoughtful message of appreciation he wanted to convey.  Peter wanted to give his customers a genuine, heartfelt thank-you that they would truly value.

Being in the printing business, he decided to design custom labels to apply to locally produced maple syrup bottles that included his logo, a thank-you message, and the background story of the local maple syrup producer.   

This first customized gift was a huge hit with his customers. Peter was thrilled to spread the word about a fellow small business that also supported his local economy and community.  

And so it started, the spark was lit!

Peter became driven to offer customized and locally produced gifts to business and individuals.  In offering a local product with a genuine story, this service would also support local businesses.  His vision was a win-win for customers and producers.

And after months of development and design, in 2018 was launched.